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June 22nd, 2018
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Republican Mayoral Candidate John Crawford.

Early voting begins October 12th

Early-in person voting begins October 12th in the lobby of the Rousseau Centre, followed by satellite locations on November 1st.
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Latest Allen County Election results

The latest update of Allen County Election results from the Allen County Election Board, may be downloaded below.
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Final early voting totals

The Allen County Election Board has released the following "unofficial" numbers for Early In-Person Voting.
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Early in person voting begins today

Early voting for the 2016 Primary Election will be available to all Allen County registered voters beginning Tuesday, April 5th.
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Voter Registration ends Monday, 4/4/2016

Those wishing to vote in the Allen County Primary Election on Tuesday, May 3, 2016, have until April 4, 2016, to register to vote or to submit address changes.
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Final election results

Final election results from today's voting.
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Update: Early In-Person Voting totals

Early In-Person voting numbers are in from the Allen County Elections Board -- but remember, there's still one opportunity left to vote on Monday.
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Today is the final day for Early Voting at one of the satellite locations

Today is the final day for Early In-Person Voting at a satellite location.
Beth Dlug, Director of Allen County Elections

Beth Dlug on Early In-Person Voting and new technology

We talk with Allen County Elections Director Beth Dlug about this year's Early In-Person Voting and some of the new technology this election.
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Some impressive Early In-person Voting stats

Some impressive Early In-Person Voting stats.

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