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Fort Wayne, US
June 22nd, 2018
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Republican Mayoral Candidate John Crawford.

Clinton Parade Changing

The Clinton Parade on Clinton Street through Headwaters Park continues its annual color show. I don't think the colors are quite as deep or vibrant...

Councilman Shoaff on Headwaters Park

Councilman John Shoaff spoke with me Thursday about Headwaters Park and the re-evaluation of the management agreement between the City and Headwaters Park Alliance. Normally, the Parks...

Headwaters Park Management Agreement

Last Thursday, the Parks Board of Commissioners approved a one year extension to the Management Agreement of Headwaters Park with the Headwaters Park Alliance. The...

Headwaters Park changing leaves

It hardly seems possible, but it's that time of year again! The trees along Clinton Street in Headwaters Park, known as the Clinton Parade or...

Headwaters Park success

Geoff Paddock wrote this for the Journal Gazette and has graciously consented to including it here: Next month, Fort Wayne will celebrate its 215th birthday,...

Bosnian Festival – 8/21/2009

What I believe to the be the first 11th Bosnian Festival will happen this Saturday at Headwaters Park. What: Krajiski Teferic, a Bosnian reunion celebration...

1st Annual Chihuahua Dog Race – 9/19/2009

New event at Headwaters Park this September. On September 19th, at Headwaters Park from 10:00 am to 11:30 pm, the First Annual Chihuahua Dog Race...

2009 Summerfest this weekend

Websites:  or http://www.summerfestfortwayne.com

Get Green ’09 photos and video

Photos from the 2009 Get Green celebration held earlier today. Video clips of the greening of the St. Mary's River and parade back...

AFW on YouTube – 10,000 views

  In case you're not aware, AFW is on YouTube.  This past week, AFW on YouTube surpassed 10,000 views.  There are currently 173 videos uploaded....

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